Apart from a short trip to Mexico and British Columbia, Carl Barks had not set foot outside USA when in 1994 he embarked on a voyage to visit The Old World. In the years before he had received numerous invitations to visit the European countries but his wife's deteriorating health had kept him from accepting any of them. However, after Garé's death her husband decided to make the long overdue trip. It instantly turned into a triumphant tour clearly exceeding his wildest expectations. But the 93-year old man just smiled happily: I am so glad to have been able to make this trip while I am still young, and he met his fans with such an energetic vigour that many of his hosts had difficulty keeping up with him.


I wish to express my gratitude towards all contributors for their willingness to participate in this project which could not have been accomplished in this detailed manner otherwise.



Planning the trip from home

Egmont's official tour poster


I have many pleasant memories of the tour taken in 1994 - Geysers in Iceland, a Viking ship in Norway, my presentation at Tivoli Gardens in Denmark, pleasant crowds at the mayor's office in Finland, the Royal Palace in Sweden, the Old Town in Poland, my oil paintings in the museum in Germany, the Disney Academy for cartoon artists in Italy, being Grand Marshall in the Disneyland parade in France, the canal tour in Holland, and shopping for new paint brushes in England.

Carl Barks




May 31st to June 3rd
June 3rd to June 8th
June 9th to June 13th
June 13th to June 17th
June 18th to June 20th
June 20th to June 23rd
June 24th to June 30th
June 30th to July 7th
July 7th to July 11th
July 11th to July 14th
July 14th to July 19th

A visit to Zürich, Switzerland, was planned from
July 14th to July 19th but it was later cancelled.


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