The American Paul Murry is known as one of the mouse artists from Barks' era. He drew many stories with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto. Murry never wrote a story; he was always using other writers' material. In a few cases he transformed Barks duck stories. In that capacity he might be known as the directly inspired.


In 1960 Murry and (especially) his writer were inspired to make MM74-01 The Rare Stamp, which was copied from the 1952 Barks-story FC0422 The Gilded Man. As a matter of fact Murry made his first - and a little more casual - version of the story in WDCS194 The Great Stamp Hunt.


Murry drew MM87-05 Cliff Hangers in 1963 after Barks' original story in WDCS204 'Cleaning Job on Senator Snoggin' from 1957.   Date 2003-10-11