Next to Uncle Scrooge, Gyro Gearloose is probably the most ingenious invention of Barks but then, Gyro is an inventor in the stories himself. Gyro hardly ever invented anything that we could use in today's world. Usually it was a question of coming up with extremely skilled solutions for people who had specific problems. From time to time the inventions turned out to have a life of their own and the amiable Gyro ended up in lots of trouble.

Once again, one has to admire the colossal imagination of Barks who invented and named these fantastic - and usually quite unrealistic - inventions. And one must not forget the brilliant gimmick that Gyro often had to hit himself on the head with a hammer in order to invent the stuff. Was this the way Barks got his ideas himself?

Below is only shown a small collection of the more spectacular inventions from Gyro's hand. You favourite one might be missing but it was necessary to choose from several hundred. A full listing of the named inventions can be savoured HERE.



WDCS141 - Think Boxes   CP8 - Noiseless Rocket Engine   CP8 - Twenty-Years-Ahead-Machine   CP8 - Dirt-to-Food-Machine
U$16 - Predictor   U$14 - Patent #808601   U$20 - Roscoe the Robot   U$25 - Wishing Well
U$27 - Gloom Light to darken places   SF2 - Instant-Developing Camera   WDCS233 - Flying Sleds   FC1047 - Smile Suspender
FC1047 - Bike-Saucers   U$07 - One-Wheel Car   FC1184 - Power Box   WDCS249 - Nucleonic Linear Emisser
FC1095 - Problem Solver   U$38 - Tree Cloning Juice   U$40 - Jet Spraying Sleeping Gas   U$33 - Atom Rejuggler Juice   Date 2002-01-31