Carl Barks is widely recognized and acknowledged as a great and extremely talented artist. And a multifaceted one. His influence on the Disney ducks cannot possibly be overestimated, because he contributed to that particular universe in an unparalleled way. No other duck artist has ever been both scripter and drawing artist on a regular basis, invented so many characters, and produced so many brilliant stories that has left such an impact on our minds.

This multi-pager will show you some of Barks' artistry - but in a special way. Countless fans and authors have already praised the work of this unique artist, but in these sub-pages you will be presented to only one man's comments on the work - Barks' own!
The pages are built on Barks' multiple interviews and personal viewpoints spanning several years. Some of the quotes have been slightly edited in order to make them more fluently readable while others are partially condensed. It is important to notice that you will not be presented to a lot of strictly technical information - on the contrary, you will be able to easily pick up some useful pointers on how to piece together a cartoon, a comic or a painting. These groups are the three main art groups that Barks worked in - and the ones presented here - but they were by far not the only ones. Through the years he also dabbled with
adult comics, pastels, and figurines.

Barks left an impressive legacy for us all to enjoy, and we can only wonder how he managed to find time for it all. Perhaps he should answer this himself: I only work when I feel like it - but that is most of the time...


PAINTINGS   Date 2006-03-06