Carl Barks was unparalleled in writing dialogue for his characters. Connoisseurs of his stories eagerly read the speech bubbles to read what Barks' vivid imagination has given the ducks to say.
Below is a listing of a very few of those memorable gems in chronological order.




...and a guy named Joe from Singapore!

An annoying yet amiable parrot keeps appearing... again and again.
Snap out of it, snorehead! The sandman isn't paying your wages!

The nephews are trying to keep night watchman Donald awake.
I'm so glad, Donald, that you were hired!
We need your type of friskers -
but I'm gladder to tell you that you are fired!
J. Morganbilt Giltwhiskers!
The nephews deliver a singing telegram to Donald who was until then a telegraph boy as well.
Oothsie Toothsie little Woothsie - Yumsie little Sugar Plumsie.
Donald is reciting from Gladstone's love letters to Daisy which Donald belives was written by himself.
I'm about ready to move to Mars. This world isn't big enough for Gladstone and me!

A grumbling Donald at The Duckburg Wildflower Club.
This morning I got my tongue caught in the cake mixer, and before that, the soap powder fell in my scrambled eggs, and before that -

Donald after another clash with Gladstone who, as usual, is unfairly lucky...
me! Oh, my! Woe is us!
Donald, as part of his duties in his new job - he is a 'worrier' for Uncle Scrooge...
Oh, bury me thar
with my battered git-tar
a-screaming my heart out fer yew
Donald is singing this infernal 'nevergreen' composed by himself.
Mister, can you spare a dime for a bunch of carrots?

Said to Donald by a rabbit who has been in a close encounter with Gyro's think boxes.
Bing! You're hypnotized!

Donald points a hypnotizing toy gun at Uncle Scrooge.
Life is but a gamble
Flipism chart your ramble.
Donald discovers Flipism, a life style in which all questions in life are decided by the toss of a coin!
Times are tough, huh, Bud?

Donald's dog has been equipped with a voice box invented by Gyro.
Ah! We parents! What rich rewards we reap!

The bee-stung and hospitalized Donald enjoys the honey sandwich his nephews are serving him.
Imagine me fixing a flat at the corner of
Wilshire and Vermont! I'd be taking my life in my hands!
Donald is changing a tire during a vacation surrounded by many dangerous wild animals...
Hi, folks! Rotten day, huh?

Following a bet with Donald, Uncle Scrooge pushes a wheelbarrow filled with money down the main street.
Mister, would you like to donate to a
Christmas party for poor kids?
Sure! How many kids yuh want?

Donald is collecting funds for the poor children of Shacktown. A tired looking man with eleven children responds!
My headache was built for a horse!
And you kick! I have the large economy elephant size!

The nephews are devastated by Donald's musical display.
Under this mighty tree of shade
I'll sit and sip my lemonade
Donald plants a sapling and eloquently envisions the day when it will be a full tree.
I don't hear anybody laughing!

Dressed as a knight in shining armour at a costume ball, Donald has just saved the guests from a pride of lions.
No hot meals being served in the dining room! I must make a note of that!

Scrooge's stern comment when floating down the steps of the flooded Sagmore Springs Hotel which is managed by Donald.
I've gone after cookies many a time, but this is the first time cookies have ever gone after me!

Gasped by a customer who is an innocent bystander when Donald's special skills as an assistant baker cause havoc...
That ungrateful little monster - I mean, that poor, frightened, little puppy!

Donald's outburst following his first confrontation with a young coyote at Grandma Duck's farmyard.
I feel so good this morning that I think I'll buy a peanut and go feed the elephants at the Zoo!

Scrooge is in a benevolent mood after luring Donald to part with his furniture to pay a dept Donald owed him...
I'm looking for a rabbit that makes duck footprints!

Donald belittles the nephews' skills as sleuths in the desert.
Three prunes to save your uncle!

A talking mynah bird is driving Donald crazy in his removal job.
First guy that laughs gets his wages cut to five cents a day!

Scrooge has been covered with honey and a bear is licking him clean.
I never saw anything disappear so fast since I missed a payment on my TV!

Donald is sitting in a rapidly shrinking truck which has been squirted with jivaro juice by Flintheart Glomgold...
I am waiting, my dee-a
behind this here tree-a
Behind a tree Donald serenades a motionless senorita while her father bombards him with household objects to get some peace and quiet.
You'd think the State would do something about those hungry menaces!

Donald is nearly eaten by a croc in Florida's swamplands...   Date 2002-09-16