This page is a continuation of several similar pages in which Carl Barks made some strange panels in his stories (other examples are The Inconsistencies, The Goofs, and The Bloopers). Moreover this page is a mixture of both written and drawn oddities as well as plausibility problems.




FC0495 'The Horseradish Treasure'

How can Donald, in his diving suit, be hoisted directly out of the ocean, hands full, with an open visor?

FC0203 The Golden Christmas Tree

In this story the broad Mount Demontooth reaches to the sky and is covered in snow. In WDCS157 'Climbing the Demontooth' the same mountain is considerably narrower, lower and not covered in snow.

U$51 How Green was My Lettuce

Why did Barks choose to draw these fantasy figures in an otherwise fairly serious story?

WDCS182 'Grandma's Old Bull'

Why didn't Grandma forewarn Donald about her bull's distinct tendency to attack all things coloured blue?

WDCS209 'Air Mail'

How can Donald stay put in this helicopter high-speed carousel without a seat belt to hold him in?

FC0203 Lost in the Andes

How can the square egg be fresh after so many years in a temperate museum room?

CP02 You Can't Guess

The driveway to the garage next to Donald's house appears and disappears. So does the stonewall in front of the house.

FC0256 Luck of the North

The sun's reflection across the water is totally wrong.

FC0386 Only a Poor Old Man

Why is there a gap between the coin and Scrooge's index finger?

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge wears a wool broadcloth coat with only one button. Now, how does he actually manage to open and take off his coat?

Front cover (
Danish version)

Eggbeaters merely twirl substances, they do not provide a forward motion unless they - possibly - are operated in an angle.

Gladstone Gander

Gladstone wears a white shirt, that has to be very short in body-length, because it never shows beneath his jacket line!

FC0178 Christmas on Bear Mountain

Where is the body of the huge mother bear? Dug down under ground?

WDCS083 'Vacation in Bed'

In this panel Donald's front door seems not to be nearly wide enough to fill the doorway when closed.

House of Haunts

How can Scrooge saw right through a smooth wall without having to drill a hole first?

WDCS157 'Climbing the Demontooth'

Although Donald starts his climbing empty-handed he is covered in band aids when he arrives at the top. Does he have secret pockets with first aid supplies that we do not know about?

WDCS242 Balloonatics

When Donald is hovering in a giant-sized balloon a jet pilot throws a dart at the balloon. Considering the minimum speed of a jet plane the dart would still not be able to fly in a forward motion at all.

WDCS060 'Donald's Radar'

Donald is bringing his radar screen with him all over town and the nephews are always in a close-up focus despite the distance. How does he manage this without some sort of a recording gizmo?

FC0367 A Christmas for Shacktown

Several times the ducks have disguised themselves behind glasses with side-pieces and bushy beards with attaching hooks, but where are they fastened? Behind their ... ears?

WDCS171 'Impervi-waxing the Money Bin

How does Donald manage to get the thick, gel-like substance poured down along the sides of the Money Bin?

U$24 The Magic Ink

The right part of the panel is dominated by a strange crosshatching. Was Barks testing a new pen?   Date 2006-05-18