For many reasons it is impossible to establish a foolproof chronology of Carl Barks' life with exact dates. Partly because much of the official paperwork is not accessable (or in existence) anymore, and partly because Barks was not entirely sure of many of the dates himself. This means that the timeline presented below doubtless has minor and possibly even major errors, but it is felt that the possible flaws are outweighed by the simple importance of 'arranging' Barks' lifespan.

NB: The timeline includes a number of references to first and last issues of comic books, and first appearances of comic characters. It should be known that the dates mentioned are all for publishing dates and not composition dates.



1858 Father William Barks (Dutch origin) is born  













1860 Mother Arminta Johnson (Scottish origin) is born
1898 William marries Arminta
1899 Brother Clyde Barks is born
1901 (March 27th) Carl Barks is born in Merrill, Oregon
1904 Pearl Turner is born
1908 Moves to Midland, Oregon
Helps as cattle station worker
1911 Moves to Santa Rosa, California
Helps at plum farm
First caricatures made at school
1913 Moves back to Midland, Oregon
1916 Moves back to Merrill, Oregon
Mother Arminta dies
Buys mail order course in drawing
1917 Margaret (Garé) Wynnfred Williams is born
1918 Moves to San Francisco, California
Apprentice in a printing shop
1920 Moves back to Merrill, Oregon
1921 Marries Pearl as his first wife
1923 First daughter Peggy is born
Short oil business adventure in Coalinga, California
Moves to Roseville, California
Railroad car worker
1924 Second daughter Dorothy is born
1928 Starts selling gags to The Calgary Eyeopener and others
1929 Separates from Pearl
Moves back to Merrill, Oregon
1930 Divorces Pearl
1931 Hired by The Calgary Eyeopener
Moves to Minneapolis, Minnesota
Meets Clara Balken
1932 Starts Coo-Coo which only comes in one issue
1934 First appearance of Donald Duck
1935 Moves to Los Angeles, California
Starts at Disney's as inbetweener
1936 Release of first cartoon as an inbetweener (Three Little Wolves)
Transferred to the cartoon story department
First cartoon script (The Love Nest)
1937 First appearance of Huey, Dewey and Louie
Release of first cartoon (Modern Inventions)
1938 Marries Clara as his second wife
First appearance of Bolivar (later renamed Bornworthy)
1940 Father William dies
1942 First comic book story (FC9: Donald Duck finds Pirate Gold)
Leaves Disney's
Moves to San Jacinto, California
Starts as chicken farmer
Starts freelancing at Western
1943 First ten-pager (WDCS31)
First adventure story (FC29)
First appearance of J. Jones
Makes 33 stories starring Barney Bear, Benny Burro,
......Andy Panda, Porky Pig, and Droopy over the next 5 years
1944 Release of last cartoon (The Plastics Inventor)
First Giveaway (Firestone)
1945 Only Mickey Mouse story (FC79)
1946 First children's book (Donald Duck and the Boys)
1947 First appearance of Uncle Scrooge
First onepager (FC147)
1948 First appearance of Gladstone Gander
First frontcover (FC189)
1949 The paramount year of his career by his own admission
1951 Divorces Clara
First appearance of Junior Woodchucks
First appearance of The Money Bin
First appearance of The Beagle Boys
1952 Meets Garé who starts working with him
First issue of the Uncle Scrooge stories
First appearance of Gyro Gearloose
1953 First appearance of April, May, and June
First appearance of Number One Dime
1954 Marries Garé as his third wife
First appearance of The
Junior Woodchucks' Book of Knowledge
1956 First appearance of Little Helper
First appearance of Flintheart Glomgold
1957 Full-time employee at Western
Fan Malcolm Willits discovers Barks' identity
1958 First appearance of General Snozzie
1959 Last children's book (The Lemonade King)
1960 A stunning record of 358 comic book pages are finished
1962 First appearance of Emily Quackfaster
First appearance of Magica de Spell
1963 First daughter Peggy dies
1966 Last ten-pager (WDCS312)
Last one-pager (U$61)
Leaves Western to go into retirement
Starts learning to paint inspired by Garé's work
Sells his paintings at exhibitions over the following 5 years
1967 Last complete Uncle Scrooge story (U$70)
Scripted and did the layout for his last Uncle Scrooge story (U$71)
1968 The first landscape paintings are made
1969 Moves to Goleta, California
1970 Writing and sketching 24 Junior Woodchuck stories until 1974
1971 Given special permission from George Sherman at Disney's paint the ducks
1976 The permission is revoked after 122 paintings
Numerous oils and watercolours with non-duck motifs
.....are made over the following years
1977 Moves to Temecula, California
1981 The Fine Art of Walt Disney's Donald Duck containing
.....the 122 duck paintings is published
Obtains another permission from Disney's to paint the ducks
1982 Makes numerous signed lithos over the following years
1983 Moves to Grants Pass, Oregon
Start of the release of The Carl Barks Library (10 3-volume sets)
Brother Clyde dies
1985 Last frontcover (for The Carl Barks Library No. 9)
1987 First wife Pearl dies
1988 Disney World in Florida opens Duckburg with tribute to Barks
1991 Receives the prestigeous award 'Disney Legends'
1992 Start of the release of The Carl Barks Library in Color (141 albums)
1993 Third wife Garé dies
The Carl Barks Studio is founded
1994 Obtains his first passport
Visits 11 European countries
1997 Release of a philatelic comic book in USA
The final commercial drawing is made
1998 The signing of lithos and similar artwork is stopped
The Carl Barks Studio closes down following a series of lawsuits
1999 'Finally time to watch the football series on TV'
Diagnosed with leukemia
2000 (August 25th) Carl Barks dies in Grants Pass, Oregon
2001 Many estate effects are auctioned away   Date 2002-11-10