Monday 20th of June
Barks arrives in Warszawa by plane from Sweden
Registers at Hotel Bristol

Tuesday 21st of June
Visits Egmont Polska
Sightseeing in historic Warsaw
Lunch at Restaurant Fukier in the old town
Sightseeing in Warsaw
Dinner at Belvedere Restaurant

Wednesday 22nd of June
Press meeting
Visit to composer Fryderyk Chopin's birthplace
Visit to the National Museum. Judge in childrens' drawing contest
Visit to the palace of former King Jan Sobieski III
Dinner at nearby Restaurant Wilanow

Thursday 23rd of June
Departure by plane to Stuttgart, Germany



Barks and the Polish crew in front of Egmont Polska
Barks' entry in the Egmont Polska guestbook
Courtesy of Barbara Stykowska   Courtesy of Barbara Stykowska


Barks experienced a traditional Polish welcome as
he entered the National Museum
Autographing at the National Museum
A happy contestant in the childrens drawing contest
talks with Kathy Morby and Barks
Courtesy of Peter Kylling   Courtesy of Danish Egmont   Courtesy of Danish Egmont



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