Barney yearns to be a bullfighting matador. Perhaps Benny can teach him the ropes? They soon realize that an uncooperative bull is not a thing to be toying with!
Barney likes honey from the wild bees but they live in cougar country. So he gets Benny to help him in getting rid of the bloodthirsty beasts.
17 Barney inherits some land and a divining rod for locating water in the ground. As it turns out it is 'only' capable of finding oil, goldnuggets and scores of diamonds...
Barney has fallen for a senorita and that calls for serenades and guitar playing. Unfortunately, he has a rival to get rid off first. The senorita awaits...
Barney is hungry and Benny suggests turtle soup. But a turtle is not an easy prey!
20 Barney reads a medical book and he instantly feels deathly ill. Benny acts as the good Samaritan until he sees through the hypochondriac's charade...



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