Although the Junior Woodchucks are very memorable and there seem to be quite a number of stories about them, there are actually an amazingly few stories that Barks actually drew in his time. This page incorporates most of them.


The cold-sensitive family dog Bornworthy is to be used as a rescue dog in a JW test. Regrettably, it is in the middle of winter...

The nephews try for separate merit badges in the JW but unfortunately Donald decides to help them!

All of Scrooge's money falls into an almost bottomless hole and all seems lost. But the nephews lends him the JW toy train - for a price...

Scrooge buys every twenty-five cent piece from 1916 in order to keep one that will be unique and worth a fortune. But he fails and the JWs end up helping him to find Atlantis.

Scrooge tries to find the philosopher's stone that turns everything to gold at a mere touch. Luckily, the nephews travel along equipped with their common sense and the JW guidebook.

The male JW organization and the female Chickadee Patrol are competing in bridge building. Donald tries to help the JWs...

Scrooge wants a coat woven out of gold. The only suitable gold is guarded by a dragon. But the nephews carry the JW book with them just in case...

Scrooge is on a grand inspection tour with Donald and the nephews. The boys bring along their JW bird and animal call whistle which turns out to be both helpful and bothersome!

Donald and the nephews try to find the location of Dread Valley Sandy's sudden wealth using their JW skills. And who is he, anyway?

The JWs are in need of someone to hide in the woods and pretend to be lost. Donald volunteers in order to make it hard for them.

Gyro has invented a flying bike-mobile. Scrooge wants to buy it to remove a stork that is known to the JWs.

Donald has to peel five sacks of potatoes as a punishment in The Loyal Order Of Marshbirds while the nephews are taking a JW test in magnetic navigation.

The nephews are going to attend a JW lodge meeting but they have quite forgotten their job as dog-sitters. Now Donald reluctantly has to step in for them...

Donald is an expert dogcatcher until he tries to catch the JW hound. He soon finds out that the creature is just as sly as Donald himself!

Donald tries to snap the best wild animal photograph for a competition but the JW hound - which is involved in several tests - keeps getting in his way...

Donald works as a lifeguard but his merits are somewhat overshadowed by the JW hound. Can he get even by making it fail the sentry post test?

The nephews are masters in throwing balls on the JW target range and consequently they try to win a prize at Donald's carnival booth. But their uncle is not running an honest business!

The contest between the JWs from Duckburg and Goosetown ends in a tie and now it is up to their instructors to settle the score with a boxing match. But Donald is the instructor for Duckburg...

Scrooge is telling the JWs about former gold rushes and the follies that accompanied them. Suddenly, it is announced that gold has been discovered on the moon. Even the JW general gets interested...

Sheik Arrabi talks Scrooge into financing an expedition to find the lost mine of the Queen of Sheba. The local branch of the JWs lends a helping hand.
Once again, Donald participates in Duckburg's Ice Skating Fishing Race and he wants to donate the prize to the JWs. But unfortunately he has Gladstone as an opponent!
Scrooge takes Donald and the nephews to Africa in order to buy a gold mine but Glomgold is also interested. Meanwhile the nephews are practicing their JW animal-speech whistles...   Date 2002-06-20