It is evident that the movement is extremely generous when it comes to titles for the members. Many medals and uniforms are awarded, as well. Below are mentioned only a few of the stories which contains the elaborate awards.


The nephews - who are colonels in JW - are going to take a test in lifesaving using a dog in the snowy mountains. The test with the code name O.R.ST.B. (Operation Rescue Saint Bernard) ends happily as the nephews are commissioned as Five Star Generals.
The JW generals Huey, Dewey and Louie are up for separate merit tests which are to be judged by the Exalted Grand Marshal himself. They wind up as being Ten Star Generals in spite of Donald's 'help'...

The girl troop The Chickadees challenges the JWs to a time-limited bridge building contest and Donald feels that he must help the boys but it all backfires as the JWs have to spend valuable time in order to save him. Finally, the observer - who is I.T.S.A.A.D.C.O.T.F.O.I.K. (International Twelve-Star Admiral And Deputy Custodian Of The Fountain Of Inexhaustible Knowledge) presents the nephews with a quart of medals and the title of Supreme Exalted Bridge Masters Of The Yawning Gulfs!
Scrooge hires Donald and the nephews to reveal from where Dread Valley Sandy gets his riches. The Ninety-Star Generals solve the mystery and Sandy turns out to be the O.O.O.T.Q.F.U.E. (Omnipotent Overseer Of The Quest For Unsurpassable Excellence) in the JW organization.
The nephews have promised to be dog-sitters for one night but they have forgotten a prior engagement at the JW lodge. If they do not emerge they will be demoted down to Five Star Generals. Donald has to take over as dog-sitter...
The JW hound, General Snozzie, is involved in a series of tests and all goes well in spite of Donald's meddling. Besides getting a medal of merit it obtains the titles S.S.S.S. and S.O.S.S. (Supremely Sagacious Spoor Sniffer and Saver Of Stranded Souls)!


A complete listing of the elaborate titles and ranks used in all the JW stories can be enjoyed HERE.   Date 2002-06-20