Carl Barks was photographed intensively in the last 30 years of his life, i.e. since he was discovered as The Good Artist. Many of the photos have been published repeatedly in all sorts of media. In this website you will find a great many photos as well. They are scattered around, accompanying the texts in the pages.
On this page you will only find photos that are not seen elsewhere in this website. Furthermore, many of them are published for the first time. They come from many different private sources. For this gesture the editor wishes to express his gratitude and sincere thanks towards all the contributors who have been willing to share their photos with the readers.

For obvious reasons many of the photos were photographed with varying quality - and mostly in black and white - so in order to give the page a uniform appearance all photos have been slightly edited.



Photosession in San Francisco, California
Clyde, CB (steering), William, Arminta


At the farm in Oregon
CB (riding), Clyde, Arminta


Late 1923
Roseville, California
CB, daughter Peggy


Late 1920s
Presumably Roseville, California


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Early 1960s
San Jacinto, California
Malcolm Willits, Garé, CB


Goleta, California
Garé, CB


Late 1974
Goleta, California


The Newcon Convention, Boston, Mass.
CB, Garé


Temecula, California
CB, Garé


Grants Pass, Oregon


Grants Pass, Oregon


October 1991
The Disney Legend Award, California
Roy Disney, CB, Michael Eisner


June 1994
Copenhagen, Denmark


June 1994
Munich, Germany
Erika Fuchs, CB


July 1994
London, England


September 1994
The Disneyana Convention,
Walt Disney World, Florida
Herb Moskovitz, CB


Grants Pass, Oregon


June 1996
The Comicon Convention,
Chicago, Illinois

March 1998
Grants Pass, Oregon
CBs birthday


August 1998
Grants Pass, Oregon
Keno Don Rosa, CB   Date 2003-12-09