In numerous stories by various duck artists we have been informed of Scrooge McDuck's whereabouts in his earlier years mostly through lengthy flashbacks, which often even incorporated exact years that the actions and events were supposed to have occurred. Still, the only 'horse's mouth' in these matters must be Scrooge's inventor, Carl Barks. And he did reveal quite a lot about Scrooge's and his ancestors' past in the stories (see a full timeline HERE). Later, in his golden years, Barks was often asked about Scrooge and his life and he always willingly responded the best he could. This can be seen in many interviews, articles, and books (see one example HERE).
This page takes you a bit further! Never before has it been known that Barks had once written a private biography about Scrooge's past and present, as he saw them. The brief, undated biography stayed in his files, but can now be revealed for the first time. Enjoy!








Press HERE   Date 2010-07-10