The family moved to a farm in Midland which is situated 24 kilometres (15 miles) northwest of Merrill. It was from here William, Clyde, and Carl had jobs as cattle station workers at the nearby railroad. The rendering of the homestead below is of the original photo mounted in a withered paper casing. Years later Barks added the text Midland Ore, 1910 The Wm Barks spread.



Barks got his first taste of big city life when the family moved to Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, California. Unfortunately, the family was not able to make a living there in the plum orchard they had bought, so they returned to the farm in Merrill which had been leased out in the meantime. The photo below depicts the Barkses' rather impressive home, and on the flip side was written Santa Rosa Calif, 1912, Barks home.
   Date 2011-01-04