This page introduces some different persons from different walks of life. But still persons with a common denominator. They have all met Carl Barks...

Here are their personal views on the shy, humble and modest man who is often called The Greatest Storyteller of the 20th Century. On the plain and extremely kind man who probably never fully understood why he became so popular.



Thomas Andrae Michael Gilbert
Tom Barker Gottfried Helnwein
Garé Barks Daan Jippes
Michael Barrier Robert E. Klein
Edward Bergen Sue Langabeer
Patrick Block George Lucas
E. B. Boatner Patti Lutzenhiser
Göran Broling Teresa McAlhany
Joe Cowles Freddy Milton
Craig Crawshaw Herb Moskovitz
Roy E. Disney NEW  Bill Spicer NEW

Mark Evanier

Frank Stajano
Jim Fanning Gerry Tank
Harry W. Fluks William Van Horn
Wolfgang J. Fuchs Kim Weston
John Garvin Betty Wilder
Dan Gheno Malcolm Willits
Didier Ghez Tor Řdemark

... still more to come ...   Date 2019-11-15