Carl Barks drew the primary characters from his duck universe with a great variety of face and body expressions. In fact, he was so good at it that he could show the tiniest of changes in their moods with a single stroke of his pencil. These pages will present to you a small fraction of Barks' abilities to show mood swings in his characters. To make it a bit more impressive this will be done by  using only one character - Scrooge!  Scrooge is perhaps the most unlikely character to use to show different expressions - we all seem to think of him as just a stiff and grumpy duck - but Barks actually used him as a much more faceted character than most of us seem to remember.
To narrow down examples of Scrooge's moods even further, these pages will only show facial expressions. Barks certainly used the old duck's body and clothing expressively as well: Just think of his top hat - tilted in different ways - which contributed heavily to our understanding of his moods. Still, there are an abundance of striking examples to choose from. Just have a look at the following pages where Scrooge's many moods have been loosely placed in different categories...


You will find even more examples of a similar kind HERE.   Date 2004-11-28