I am very poor at lettering and hate every inch of it. My biggest problem with the cover for number 95 was lettering the newspaper lying in the sand. But I did all of my lettering until 1952, when my wife Garé took over.

I drew the cover twice because I didn't get the proportions right the first time. I had the tub too high in the picture and needed more room to show the nephew and what he was doing.

Scrooge was added as an afterthought because of the incredibly escalating popularity of the character at the time.

The story in this issue was The Mines of King Solomon, for which Barks sketched a series of story-related covers: This seems to have been a wasted effort. I hadn't been told that the editors had a gag cover planned for this comic (At least, the published cover was also by Barks - Editor's remark).


        Date 2004-09-01