Most of Carl Barks' early comic book stories were untitled. That was not unusual for shorter comic book stories like his 10-pagers, but for the longer adventure stories the need for some sort of easy identification soon arose, and from then on all Barks' long stories were titled. Later in life Barks was sometimes asked to title his earliest adventures, and he did so - often with different suggestions. Here are examples from the untitled adventures with Uncle Scrooge.



FC0495 (U$03) 'The Horseradish Story'
Trouble From Long Ago
The Month of the Golden Goose
Trouble From the Deep

U$04 'The Menehune Story'
The Menehune Mystery
Hawaiian Hideaway

U$05 'The Atlantis Story'
Sunken City

U$06 'The Tralla La Story'
Hoopla in Shangri La

U$07 'The Cibola Story'
The Seven Cities of Gold

U$08 'The Stone Ray Story'
Message from Uncharted Island
Message from Mysterious Island


        Date 2004-09-01