Barks joined the Disney Studios as an in-betweener in 1935 when the animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was in the planning stage. He soon got bored producing countless almost equally looking drawings, so he amused himself by volunteering to supply other departments with ideas. He submitted quite a few ideas for the Snow White story department, but none were used in the finished product.



December 1935

Barks submitted this pencil drawing of the Royal castle. If you compare Barks' idea of a fairy tale castle to the one that was used in the film (right) you will see several similarities suggesting that the Snow White story crew at least paid some attention to Barks' sketch.



This very rough idea sketch describes how one of the dwarfs uses a measuring worm (a looper) to measure out the length of a board. The idea came about as the story crew worked with a long gag sequence in which the dwarfs work to make a four poster bed for Snow White, but the scene failed to become part of the finished film.



Barks delivered an idea sketch in which the dwarfs suspiciously inspect Snow White's cooking.


September 1936

Barks submitted these two short gag sequences showing Happy (top half) and Grumpy (bottom half) working in their diamond mine.


September 19, 1936

Barks submitted a long sketch sequence (17 sketches) showing how Sneezy's sneeze causes multiple accidents to happen following his uncontrolled 'outburst'. Here is a small selection from the sequence.



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