From 1942 to 1969 lived Barks in various places in the Hemet/San Jacinto area, which is situated 120 kilometres east of Los Angeles. Although he was a full-time artist on his duck stories, he also found the time to help different trades people in the community with advertisements, logos and cartoons.



October 1948

This cartoon appeared on the front page of the local newspaper San Jacinto Valley Register.

The explanatory text reads:
See the original at the Farmer's fair and festival! Here is the Register's new combined thought-extracting machine, linotype and printing press. A time and labor saving marvel, it permits the editor to enjoy an additional eight hours of undeserved sleep. Invented by Senor Don Carlos Barkos, professor of higher mathematics at the University of Madrid, the device is the greatest contribution to the health and happiness of mankind since Al Capp discovered Shmoos. It is the Register's answer to the Hemet News, which recently announced the purchase of a linotype. The Register already had a linotype.


The poster text reads:
This hangar condemned as unsightly! Keep our community beautiful!

The top text reads:
'A Good Laugh Won't Hurt Anyone'

1949 and 1950

Barks drew two political cartoons for a former Hemet resident who had a lengthy dispute with the town's mayor about the legality of landing helicopters in the city of Palos Verdes, California. The mayor is portrayed as a stubborn goat.


The 1950s

Barks designed logos and letterheads for different businessmen when living in the Hemet/San Jacinto area.


Don't let this happen to You!

Vote YES on Water Bonds, March 11.

Spring 1952

Barks made two cartoon-advertisements for a water-bond campaign in the Hemet/San Jacinto area. Notice that the duck has received Donald Duck's facial features!



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