It is impossible to make a fair assessment of the actual size, location, and population of Duckburg, because it is portrayed differently in Carl Barks' stories. Judging from the graphic renderings he offered through time Duckburg is hardly a hamlet, nor is it a large metropolis. Not even Barks himself was clear about it: It changed every time I had a story. It was a village, it was a big city. It was a city on the ocean, and a city in the desert...
But enough is known to make an educated attempt to describe some of Duckburg's main structures in both bricks and manpower. This can be done by way of Barks' own story panels, which are used in the sub-pages to give a plausible estimate of how Duckburg actually looks and works in a few areas.

You will not be shown a great variety of the numerous 'one-timer' buildings and shops Barks drew, nor is the emphasis on a vast display of professions, because this website already has ample pages covering these themes. This is also true as for the natural terrain such as Duckburg's numerous rivers, lakes, mountains, and forests. Still, you will receive a thorough mixture of many subjects and objects (there are many, many more) as well as a few comments. Enjoy the examples!

   Date 2011-04-10